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Friday, April 29, 2011

Things don't always go according to plan

So my dearest hubby and I have been trying in vain to buy a house.  We want our own yard for our doggies and a place to grow lots of stuff.  Nothing seems to be working out - we've been close, but it either falls apart, or upon further dissection, we come to the conclusion that the deal is NOT in our best interest.

So, we're looking for a house to rent.  At least the doggies will have their own yard.  And we can grow some veggies and herbs in some containers and maybe have a small raised bed garden.  Beauty of raised beds is that you can always take them apart when it's time to move.

We can still try and put up some of our own food: once we get moved and grow some of our own and maybe things that we get from the family's garden in Moody or purchased from a farmer's market.  Even in a rental house, we'll have a garage and we can set up the propane burner stove for the canner.  A friend has tons of peaches coming in and I'm hoping to buy some fresh peaches from her to make jam.

First up is a new batch of spicy bread and butter pickles this weekend.  We have the cucumbers and all the rest of the ingrediants.  This recipe calls for them to sit in the fridge for 10 days...we'll see if I can wait that long!

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