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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An actual house

We're still not completely done, but we are mostly in the house.  It's a mess, but we're really enjoying the little things about being in a house again instead of an apartment. 

We love not having to "suit up" - both dogs and people - just so the dogs can go tinkle.  The rottweiler next door isn't an issue anymore.  If he gets hostile, I just tell him quietly "hey, enough" and he walks away. (Look at me - the new dog whisperer!)  Most of the time now, he never even comes over to the fence when my "kids" are out anymore. 

We love being able to grill, especially with it SO hot out. 

We love having a full size sink (the apartment had a doll house sink or something along that line). 

We love having an ice maker (see comment about how hot it is above). 

We love not having to lug all our groceries upstairs (10 bags on 2 arms so you don't have to make a second trip, don't ya know).

This is only the beginning of my list...  And the wheels are turning as I plot and scheme my fall garden!  :)

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