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Thursday, May 26, 2011

the "kids" and the new house

So everyone seems to be getting settled in the new living quarters.  Gracie, the certifiably crazy cat, was witnessed racing at top speeds throughout the house yesterday...I'd say she's getting comfortable.  This morning she was going from box top to box top - I guess checking to see if they were all still secured?  Or perhaps she was finally going to pitch in and help her parents unpack?

Gracie does have one huge issue with the new house - she hates the ceiling fan in our bedroom!  I mean, hunkers down and runs away every time she notices it.  It is kind of hideous.  First of all, it just doesn't really fit the room.  It hangs too low - needs to be a flush mount.  And the blades are these huge wood-looking carved leaves.  We've had ceiling fans above our beds in every place she has lived, but she has decided this one is out to get her!

Maggie and Ellie are in hog heaven having a yard...so are their parents!  :)  They love to go mill around and now that the grass is getting a little tall, they root around with their noses like their digging up truffles.  As mentioned previously, the rottweiler next door is a non-issue now.  They completely ignore him, which probably had more to do with his transformation than me being a new dog whisperer.

Gracie has always intimidated Maggie.  Go figure!  An 8 pound cat bossing around a 75 pound dog!  Of course, Gracie has always thought she was a big dog - I mean from the day she showed up at the ripe old age of 8 weeks.  All Gracie has to do is walk up and rub against Maggie and Maggie jumps up and heads for the hills. Gracie also enjoys lounging right smack in the center of the great big dog bed - and almost always Maggie's bed, not Ellie's.

This past weekend, we bought Maggie a new bed.  She sleeps on a double layer of beds because her old hips are getting bad and she seems to be a lot less stiff getting up in the morning with the extra cushioning throughout the night.  Tuesday night, I woke up on several occasions because Maggie was stirring, only to find that the reason she was stirring is because Gracie had walked up to her on the new bed.  Well of course Maggie vacates as quickly as possible.  This big, mean, ferocious 8 pound cat is touching her!  And Gracie promptly settles into the nice warm, cushy indention Maggie left.  We try to shoo her out each time and get Maggie back into her bed. We try to convince Gracie how ashamed she should feel, booting a geriatric dog out of her bed...   It's not working.  Gracie is the (naughty) queen of her jungle! 


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