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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting ready to move

Nothing very "pioneering" to write about lately.  We did find a house to rent though!  So the darling doggies will have their own yard again!  I don't know who that's better for - them or me and my wonderful hubby!!  :)  This place has a huge yard and the owner told us to "garden away"!

My little tomato plant is hanging in there on the balcony.  But it only gets a few minutes of sun each day.  Once we get moved I can put it in a large patio container.  We grew all our tomatoes in patio containers in Colorado.  One year we even companion planted onions in the corners of the containers with the tomatoes!  I don't know if this tomato will be able to come on strong at this point, but I'll sure try.  I've still seen plenty of veggie plants at HEB and Lowes, so we may be able to get some limited veggies going.  And then we can start planning for a fall garden - gotta love living in growing zone 8!!!

Once we get settled in the house, we'd like to try our hand at canning again.  Even if we have to buy stuff at a farmer's market to put up.  And of course we'll be able to use our extra freezer again too and put up food that way.  One of the first things we'd like to try is pickled beets.

So hopefully, I'll have some gardening and canning tales to tell very soon.  Stay tuned...

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