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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We spent all last weekend moving from an apartment to a house.  We didn't even move any furniture except two twin beds and we spent 15+ hours on Saturday and another 8+ on Sunday!  We were limited to what will fit in the minivan.  Movers will move the big, heavy stuff...hopefully in the next couple of days.  How do we accumulate so much "life" stuff?  I know we got rid of loads and loads of stuff when we moved back to Texas last year...does it multiply in the back of the closets when we turn out the lights?!

Every time I see an old wagon from the pioneering days, I always think about our ancestors moving west.  Everything they ever wanted to see again had to fit in a wagon box that was approximately 10 feet by 3 1/2 feet!!  Not to mention they had to carry enough supplies to get them through the journey, let alone to set up "house" when they got there - bedding, weaponry, food, cooking utensils, medical supplies, clothing, tools and equipment, etc.  Can you imagine?  It makes me wonder about how crippled we are by all of our possessions, our stuff.  Talk about minimalism!  We are not remotely tough enough to survive like that anymore.

Is your family prepared?  Could you survive for even a few days if there was a natural or man-made disaster and there was no electricity or water or food on the grocery store shelves?  Could you feed your family?  Could you protect yourself?  Something to think about in these ever-crazy turbulent times we live in...


  1. You know how I feel about pioneers! :)
    I am totally asking my students the same question in the classroom, but we are relating it to the holocaust, and having to bring what you can carry. It is very intersting what they choose, and how it has changed from the beginning of the unit until the end of the unit.

  2. And when you read about the wagon trains you often see them dropping off more of their "stuff" as they travel along. I've read they would see pianos, books, dishes, etc all along the wagon trails.