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Monday, June 20, 2011

freezing basil

Well, I put my first batch of basil in the freezer yesterday.  I tried some chopped up and topped with water in the ice tray and some chopped up with olive oil in an ice tray.  It's not much, but for one cutting from my one basil plant - I don't think that's a bad start!  Once they are frozen solid, I'll dump them into a ziploc bag and have the trays ready for the next batch.  We were hoping to make a farmer's market run Saturday, but that didn't work out.  So we'll try again this coming weekend.

We have become quite accomplished with our own version of Shake n Bake for pork chops.  They come out every bit as tender out of the oven, good flavor AND no preservatives or MSG!  While I had the food processor out for the basil, I ground up extra corn flakes for future batches of pork chops.  Wow that CuisineArt food processor gets some work done fast.  :)

We've also been experimenting with room air fresheners with rock salt and essential oils.  They work really well.  When the scent starts to fade, all you have to do is stir it up and it's fresh again.  We especially like using lavender or eucalyptus.  We have one sitting on the mantel in the living room and as you walked by it and the air stirs past it, you catch just the slightest hint of the fragrance - not a overpowering perfumey smell like commercial air fresheners.

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