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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Life's challenges

This past year has been full of challenges.  Losing jobs, moving, failed attempt to buy a house (twice), moving again, financial difficulties - you name it, we've had it.  All these tough life events (which all seem to be coming one right on top of another) cause me to: 1) get mad, 2) get sad, 3) say a few choice words, 4) ponder choices made, 5) ponder choices to be made...you get the picture.

My wonderful hubby and I have always been prone to waxing philosophically.  And all these unfortunate events cause to do so even more.  I've run across a few quotes that I think are going to help put things in perspective.  One, from a farm blog I read (http://farm-tales.blogspot.com/), is about the choices we make, and our tendency to analyze them to death:  we tend to get all twisted in knots about our decisions - am I making the right choice?  the wrong one?  Side-step this anxiety by just accepting that I make a decision, something happens, and I make the next decision.  This feels easier to deal with than worrying about right vs. wrong.  I thinks that's really sage advice!

Another one I read this morning is: "However good or bad a situation is, it will change." 

So I'll try to keep life's ups and downs in perspective and I keep reminding myself of the positives.  We have a roof over our heads and plenty of food to eat; my wonderful hubby and I have each other and we are each others best friend; we have our rather crazy, but always lovable herd of furry kids - Maggie, Ellie and Gracie;  we have a little garden started and get to watch plants come to life from seeds; we have birds and squirrels in our backyard; we have our health; I have a job and we have health care insurance.

So we keep plugging along.  Things will get better.  And this won't be the last time hard times come around.  We'll remain focused on the positives and on each other.  I am the most grateful that we have each other.

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