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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Little Garden That Could

We are going to put "square foot gardening" to the test.  I think I might call our little garden "The Little Garden That Could".  The squash have been growing so quickly, that we decided we had to act this weekend.  We cleared out more space along the house all the way up to the fence at the front of the house.  So far, we planted three zucchini squash (and I swear they've already grown since they were planted!), two acorn squash, three baby girl tomatoes, two early girl tomatoes, and the three herbs that were living in pots on the front walk - the basil, thyme and rosemary.

We went from this (first squash):

and this (beans peeking out):

to these:

(the thyme isn't really planted that close, but her "hair" all lays to one side, so she's cozying up to the chives)

(rosemary is waiting for her new neighbors - here's where the yellow squash, bell peppers and banana peppers will go)

Yet to be planted are three yellow squash and several bell and banana peppers (next to the rosemary).  We have a few jalapenos to plant too, but they have to be by themselves, so they may go in containers around the corner.  We had bell and jalapeno peppers planted side by side in our garden in Colorado and they cross-pollinated!  Those "sweet" peppers were hotter than fire!!

We've also been exploring companion planting.  We have a book about it, but alas, it is still packed away because we don't have any bookcases yet.   But looking on the internet, we found that tomatoes do well with basil and chives and we have several tomato plants planted near the basil and chives in the "herb section" of the garden.  I read that marigolds (which are good companion plants for lots of veggies) and oregano are good for the squash.  Marjoram is also said to improve the flavor of all veggies.  We do save and dry thyme, basil, rosemary and chives.  We haven't ever really used marjoram as a herb in cooking, but even if we just grow it to bring out the best in our veggies and then turn it under in the winter to add organic material to the soil, it will be really useful.  Turns out, radishes and beans are really great companions - boy that was dumb luck!

On another gardening related note, my hamstrings are zinging!  I didn't even do a fraction of the digging the grass with the pick axe that my wonderful hubby did.  But between that and squatting to plant stuff (my knees don't take kindly to being knelt on, not to mention the bruises that aren't quite gone from my fall on a tile floor at work a week and a half ago), unbeknownst to me, my hamstrings apparently had quite a workout!
(check out the cool moose shorts I stole from my hubby!)

I love the slogan for the National Garden Association:
 "When you garden, you grow" - those are words to live by for hubby and me!

Reflecting back on my last post about life's challenges, and our confusion about where we are supposed to be, what we're supposed to do next, where we want to settle, a thought popped into my head - which working in the soil tends to do for me - and "bloom where you're planted" came to mind.  My hubby liked that, for there's a lot to be said for that!

Until next time...

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