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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sense of accomplishment

I love the sense of accomplishment experienced when you do something for yourself.  This weekend, my husband and I replaced the light in the garage.  They had a small globe light out there, a contractor special don't ya know!  You know something is on the cheap when you can buy it for $2.00 RETAIL!  :)   And this particular globe light was itty bitty - in fact it's the same as the one over the kitchen sink, which only lights about an 8 sq. ft. area.  Hmmm, do you think that might be a little bit on the insufficient side for lighting the garage?

So we installed an 8 foot, four bulb florescent shop light.  Wow, it's the difference between night and day (almost literally)!  We always feel such a sense of accomplishment when we make improvements like that.  I can still remember the feeling we had after we installed a new recessed light at the top of the stairs in our house in Colorado - and it had a DOUBLE SWITCH!  That was a puzzle, let me tell you.  But we had a really good book on electrical wiring and worked our way through it.  I'm telling you, we patted ourselves on the back for quite a while on that one - still do I guess.  :)

Next up?  Maybe a nice pendant light over the sink to replace that other hideous globe...

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