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Thursday, July 7, 2011

First harvest!

We had our first harvest from the Little Garden That Could this past weekend!  Two fine looking radishes.

Look at those beauties.  They are hotter than fire though.  The zucchini squash plants are doing the best since we planted everything in the ground.  Those puppies just took off growing and haven't looked back.  The zucchini and acorn squashes have itty bitty blossoms forming.  The yellow squash have been lagging a little behind the others, but we can tell they are growing every day.  The tomatoes are coming on strong too.  They were little bitty tikes when we transplanted them.  And the herbs are totally digging their new location.

We still have to keep an eye on the (furry) kids when they go outside to mill about.  I enjoy being outside with them while they explore the yard, and sometimes the even get their business done. :)  It's very relaxing.  But I also know my children well and the first time we let them out unattended, one, if not both will make a beeline for that garden to dig and sit in the nice cool, soft soil!

We had friends over for dinner this past Sunday.  Our first guests!  We've decided it's good to have company over a month or so after moving - it finally gets you off your duff to unpack and put away all the stuff you've grown accustomed to walking around instead of finding a home for.  Also helps you finally get all your artwork hung on the walls. 

I do have to say that we fixed a fabulous meal - my Mexican food extravaganza!  We started off with chips and a great avocado and tomatillo salsa (from Costco) and homemade jalapeno ranch dip.  Then we had thin cut NY Strip steaks topped with sauteed garlic and onions, green chiles and melted Monterrey Jack cheese, ranch style beans, and made from scratch sweet corn cake.  For dessert we had (unfried) fried ice cream.  It was all wonderful!  (Sorry if that's bragging a little bit.)

Guess that's all from here for now.  We still keep dreaming of our own homestead one day!  There have been many, many trials and tribulations this year.  One thing these tough times do is confirm for my wonderful hubby and me how lucky we are to have each other - we are incredibly compatible partners.  It also makes us anxious to have our own homestead, as life seems to get more uncertain in these troubled times, so that we may be more self-sufficient and have a greater control of where our food comes from.  But also, that dream helps give us hope, something positive to dream about, to plan, to be excited about, to work towards.

Until next time...

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