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Monday, July 18, 2011

I think I could be famous for that...

Whew!  It was a busy weekend in the kitchen on Sunday on our little urban homestead.  We started off Sunday morning with stuffed french toast with my homemade blueberry sauce.  Hadn't made either one in a while.  I think I almost drooled in the blueberry sauce as it cooked (but I DIDN'T!).  It smells SO heavenly when it's cooking.  I really think I could be famous for that breakfast...if not the blueberry sauce alone.

A co-worker had some peaches that needed to be put up, so I took them home and prepped them for the freezer for her.  I have a couple of cups for us in the fridge - I even made peach pie "dumplings" last night for dessert.  My wonderful hubby is not a big fruit eater at all, but even he ate them.  Guess there was enough pie dough surrounding the fruit to help disguise it.  :)

I also tried a new chicken recipe and made a lemony chicken piccata over angel hair pasta with spinach on the side.  Not bad for my first try.

In the Little Garden That Could some of the squash plants are struggling.  One of the zucchinis just about completely cratered, but it is hanging in there and making a come back.  Really weird, cuz the other two right beside it are fine.  The acorn squash are having a hard time too, but hanging in there.  We'll see how it goes. It's so blasted hot out this year with no rain.  There is a beautiful zucchini on one of the plants that will be ready in just a day or two.  And the yellow squash have quite a few that will be ready in about a week.  This weekend we bought some ground oyster shell for them to give them a little bit of a calcium boost.  At Tractor Supply, you could buy a cute little 2 lb package for $6 or the 50 lb, not so cute paper bag that looks like a sac of concrete for $10.  Hmmm.  You do the math!  Too bad we don't have any chickens to give that to...

The beans have been completely covered in blossoms for about a week.  I kept asking them when the beans were coming - after all, that's what the blossoms are supposed to be doing.  And yesterday we spotted bunches and bunches of little baby beans.  They are the cutest things you've ever seen.

Started thinking about Christmas this weekend.  We went to Joann's and Michaels.  I've been dying to do something creative.  I was so adventurous that I even braved the "storage room" and moved boxes and dug through the craft boxes (which were of course towards the back and on the bottom!).  We're trying to do as much homemade as possible for Christmas.  And now's the time to get started.  Got some good ideas for our two nieces...but not the for the boys yet.  Why does it seem harder to do homemade for boys?

My hubby has started researching plans for a new worm bin.  We had a pretty nice one that he built in Colorado.  But he's figuring out ways to improve it.  Have you ever priced worm bins on the internet?  Okay, maybe you haven't.  But they are insanely expensive - especially considering how little material actually goes into them.  And worms!  Oh my word.  We should quit using money and start trading in worms.  $35 per pound!  We started off with less than a pound of worms in Colorado and gave away at least 6 lbs a little over a year later when we moved.  We've been trying to compost our kitchen scraps in the garden - don't really have a designated compost pile set up yet.  But there is absolutely nothing like composting your kitchen scraps through a worm bin.  They're great "pets"!  They are very quiet, they require very, very little maintenance.  They eat your garbage.  And they give you rich fertilizer in return.  What else could you want?  They really are amazing little critters.

Sorry, still no pictures.  There's some in the camera...

Until next time.

1 comment:

  1. Your homemade blueberry sauce sounds absolutely wonderful. I bet it is delicious over french toast.

    We raised red wigglers when we lived in town, and they did a wonderful job eating up our kitchen scraps and making rich, dark compost for us. I loved them. And at that price, I might think about opening a worm farm!