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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The squishes are coming, the squishes are coming!

Well the zucchini plants were the first to dig and take off growing big, but in the Little Garden That Could, the yellow squash are still small plants, but coming on strong.  They beat the zucchini to the punch for setting fruit!  One of the yellow squash plants has FOUR baby squishes (our term of endearment) and the other got her first yesterday!  Now the zucchini, not to be completely outdone each have about two squishes and lots of other blossoms.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures yet...riveting blog that this is...I can feel your disappointment and anticipation. I mean, what better things could you possibly have to do other than wait around for pictures of my vegetable plants??!!

Hey!  We're proud "parents" - and shouldn't we shout that to the world?  For us, there's nothing so satisfying as working with the soil and growing something from the tiniest of seeds.  And even if it doesn't produce enough bounty to fill our cupboards for the coming winter, we will cherish every fresh morsel, cuz it doesn't get any more organic than that. 

We are still in love with that little piece of land in Coupland.  And we still can't find a way to get it financed.  It makes me wonder how our world got so upside down.  There have always been money makers who get rich in our country.  But they created a business or product to achieve that.  What gets me, and really makes me sad for our society's priorities, are the people that reap millions upon millions of dollars a year to entertain us - whether it be with sports or music, tv, movies, etc.   Why don't teachers, fire fighters, police officers, military personnel earn that kind of money instead??!!  They actually have a direct impact on our lives.

We work every day, pay exorbitant amounts of that money earned to taxes for which proportionately speaking, we receive very little services in return, pay our bills and do all the right things.  Yet we can't borrow $60,000 (to be paid back with interest I might add) to buy a little piece of land and start building our retirement home.  We're not asking someone to give it to us.  We just want to borrow it, with interest.


Okay.  I digress.  This started out celebrating and didn't end that way.  Ooops.  Well, it is what it is.  Maybe next time I'll have pictures...

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