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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nothing much

Well, nothing really newsworthy to write about...stop snickering...my blogs may not be newsworthy to everyone, but I do try to keep it interesting.

Work has been busy - nothing like new software upgrades to drive you crazy.  Why do software companies put out "new and improved" versions of their software that actually take more work (they really do require more steps) to do the same old basic functions?  How is making something more work better???

The Little Garden That Could is alive, but that's about it.  This unbearable heat and drought is just keeping it from being able to produce anything.  My acorn squash puts on new leaves every day though!  I don't know if she'll ever produce an actual squash, but she's running about four feet out into the yard now.

Trying hard to keep up with my exercise.  It's rather discouraging, because after at least six weeks of walking at least three times a week (as opposed to doing nothing prior to that), I'm not seeing any results.  I don't have more energy, I'm not less tired and I haven't lost an ounce.

Just found out a friend back in Colorado was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  It almost doesn't seem real.  She's one of the kindest, sweetest, most gentle souls I've ever met on this earth.  Why do things like this happen???

I'm itching to make some jam/jelly.  Don't have much access to fresh fruit (other than the grocery store) for jam.  Maybe I'll try making some jelly from some really good fruit juice...

Oh, almost forgot a worm update.  I know, I know.  You would've been crushed had I forgotten.  My wonderful hubby built an new worm bin that has a little larger bins and I think we're gonna need them.  They seem to be settling in and really doing their thing.  We talk to them every day.  We don't know what our losses were from the shipping nightmare, but the herd we have is settling in and going strong.  It's so interesting to learn about them again and how different it is to manage them in a different climate.  I mean, they are inside, so it's climate controlled.  But even indoors the heat and humidity are much different here than in Colorado and it just requires different adjustments to keep their environment optimal.  Meanwhile, hubby continues to record changes he'll make to future worm bins so that they are optimal housing units.  Ever been interested in vermicomposting?  Order a fabulous custom worm bin from us and we'll help you get started!  It's the ultimate recycling and leads right into organic gardening.

Until next time, worms rule.

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