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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Parents again! Worm parents that is...

Well, it's been entirely too long since my last post...just struggling through this game we call life and figuring out how to survive it...won't be unscathed, but hopefully the scars aren't too ugly.  :)

We are finally worm (Eisenia fetida, aka red wigglers) parents again!  I know there are very few out there that can appreciate that.  But we're excited, and if you have any compassion for others at all, you should be excited that we're excited, even if worms don't do anything for you personally.  (Well, they do have something to do with almost everything you eat, but don't usually get any credit, kind of like our bee friends.)  They are truly amazing though.  Vermicomposting is awesome!

As I mentioned before, my wonderful hubby built an awesome new worm condo.  (And he's already plotting improvements for his next model.) The new "herd" will be excited to get settled in such high class digs once they get over the shock of their journey to their new family. 

OMG, let me tell you, I can understand why the US Postal Service is $3.8 billion in the hole!  We knew this package was coming via priority mail.  I tried calling the local post office over the course of 4 days and no one EVER answered the phone.  I wanted to give them a heads up that we were expecting a "live, perishable" package, and if need be, make arrangements to pick it up.  I work during the exact hours they are open, so I can't just drop by in person to chat with them.  Then, on the day it's due to arrive, and hadn't yet by early afternoon, my hubby decides he had better go check the mail kiosk.  Lo and behold, there's the package, CRUSHED, with a huge red and white "LIVE PERISHABLE" sticker across it, stuffed into one of those package lockers while it's 104 degrees outside!!!  How big of an incompetent boob do you have to be to handle that clearly marked package like that?!

He opened the box up and the media they were shipped in (a peat moss mix) was completed dried out, as were many of the worms.  He got them into their new condo that was already full of kitchen scraps for them and started trying to rehydrate them.  FOUR cups of water later, some of them are starting to move around.  We have no idea what percentage was lost, but we do have some still alive.  And if our efforts in Colorado are any indication, this new herd will be going strong very soon. (But that does NOT excuse the incompetence of the postal service.)

I'd take a picture of the new kids, but all you'd really be able to see are vegetable scraps and soil.  They're not really the camera hound divas you might think.

Well, that's all I have for now.  I'll keep you updated on the herd's progress.

Until next time...worms rule!

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