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Monday, September 26, 2011

Nothing like good old fashioned work

We spent our first work day out at the homestead on Saturday.  Holy cow we're sore and tired.  Chopping mesquites, weeds and sumac trees (not the poisonous ones!) is hard work and a great upper body work out.  Also very effective for finding small muscle groups you forgot or didn't know existed! 

We cleaned up the front gate that was very overgrown with grass and weeds.  Before and after:

We found this little wagon/cart in Bee Hollow.  It was an adventure pulling it back to the front since the tires were so flat and had been in the same spot for so long that they were almost square.  But because we're so darn cool and believe in the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared", we had flat fixer in our van and a little air compressor that plugs into the car for power.  We were able to fix those little tires in no time and now we have a handy cart to tow our tools and water around in!


Here's one of our new neighbors:


And another new neighbor on the other side.  She has escorted us around our property several times, and we found out on Saturday that her name is Whiskey, but we call her Natty because she's nasty - right after this picture, she went and rolled in mud and horse poop...so we think Natty is a better name.

Well, that wraps up our first weekend at the new homestead.  Many more adventures to come!  At the house, our beets and lettuce sprang from the earth after only two days!  No green onions in sight yet.  Lots of little banana peppers coming too.  They are so darn cute.  I can't wait!  And a few bell peppers are also starting to make an appearance.  I've been checking the tomato blooms carefully, watching for that first little one to show up.  Also received our second herd of worms.  They are busy, busy, busy eating our veggie scraps and making compost gold.  They are all looking fat and happy.  Won't be long before we'll have to sort the bins and take out some compost to make room for more food and worms.

We're planning to go to our first bee keepers meeting at the Williamson County Bee Keepers Association this week.  Conveniently, it's right down the street from our house.

Until next time...worms still rule.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, the gate area looks great! I love that little cart and I bet it sure will come in handy. Looks like you have some awesome neighbors :) Whiskey is super cute, but it does sound like Natty is a better name! Ha! It's amazing you can plant a garden and get summer crops this time of the year. Our growing season is just about over here. :( I am totally not ready for winter. I'll live vicariously through you as you post about your harvest in the coming weeks!