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Monday, October 10, 2011

And the work continues

Well, it was my birthday on Saturday, but we started out just like we have every Saturday since we bought our little homestead...clearing brush!  :)  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  There is nowhere we would rather be than on our little homestead.  And let me tell you - the plotting and scheming is beginning, to figure out how soon we can move out there permanently!!

Here's another look at the before pic:

Here's what we have left - we think we'll have it knocked out next weekend:

And here's what the front fence line looks like now:

We met another neighbor this weekend - the folks that own the Yegua Creek Farms pecan orchard across the road that we admire so much.  He complimented us on our progress on the fence line immediately.  It awesome when you don't have to explain why on earth you would expend all that effort to keep a fence clean...he just gets it!  He welcomed us to the neighborhood and invited us to check them out at the farmer's market in Elgin.  

We've only met two neighbors out there so far, but I tell you, we are already so blessed by their kindness and generosity!  Of course, it's that lifestyle we're seeking and why we're willing to live so far out in the country.

We finally got some rain, glorious rain!  I don't know know how much, but we had a little on Saturday evening and then some more Sunday.  It was so wonderful...it's all people can talk about.  It's kind of funny that it would stir up so much conversation, but we need it so desperately.  We're still about 16 to 20 inches behind for the year.

The little garden that could is doing well.  Three rows of little beets are up, two rows of green onions and three rows of lettuce.  The lettuce is so darn cute, the leaves are only about half an inch long, but they are already starting to take on the shape of loose leaf lettuce.  The banana pepper plants are prolific - will have tons of them ready very soon.  The bell peppers are doing well also.  One plant has peppers that have turned a deep purple.  We've never had those before.  Kind of cool.  The one big tomato plant has tons of blossoms and Saturday I found two baby tomatoes!!  YAY!  We also have one little straggler pepper plant that didn't get marked, so we didn't know what it was.  Turns out it's a jalapeno!  The little plant's got a lot of want to...it's less than a foot tall, but has at least eight jalapenos growing on it.

The worms are doing awesome, doing their thing eating our kitchen garbage.  :)  Won't be much longer before we have to remove some compost for the garden to make room for them.  At least the temperatures are getting nice in the evening so that we can sit out on the back patio and accomplish that task.

I have to admit that I've been kind of disappointed in how few of my friends ever check out my blog.  They seem to want to hear about our land, our gardening efforts and our canning adventures, yet they never take the time to read my posts and check out my pictures.  Not that I ever expected nationwide readership, but I really thought those closest to me would be interested in what's important to me.  My wonderful hubby says that many people aren't in to reading blogs.  I guess that's probably true.  I didn't understand the whole "blog thing" for a long time either.  But I know how much I enjoy and look forward to the blogs I read regularly.  They've in some ways, become like new friends, sharing similar experiences.  But even if I'm not sharing the exact same experiences, I still look forward to reading about their journeys.  Oh well.  I'll keep doing my thing.  It's become important to me and a great outlet to practice my writing/journaling.  And when I receive comments back, I feel like I've won a prize.  Silly I know.  But if something so simple makes me giggle, that's very all right!  And I knowmy wonderful hubby and I will really appreciate it years from now when we can look back at all the progress we've made in our choice to become more self-sufficient.

Until next time...worms still rule.

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  1. I think you need to keep on blogging! As a frequent looker (lurker) of blogs, I generally am reading, but not commenting. Write for you, first and foremost. You could keep this as a journal, and make a blog book out of your words one day (that is what I've done).
    Keep those worm stories a' comin'!