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Monday, October 17, 2011

The days are getting shorter

Well, the days are definitely getting shorter...but not much cooler this past week!  It was 90 yesterday and going to be 92 again today.  Ugh!  But a cool front is coming tonight, I think, and tomorrow's high is only supposed to be in the mid 70s.  YAY!!

I am grateful for the long lasting warm weather where the Little Garden That Could is concerned though.  Here's a pic of a few baby tomatoes coming along:

And one of the banana peppers from a week or so ago...they're much bigger now:

Hopefully we'll have enough time to at least enjoy a few fresh grown tomatoes before it gets too cool for them.  The yellow squash are dying off, but there are two zucchini plants still churning out zukes.  One of the plants even came back from the brink of death, and you'd never know it to look at that plant now.

We pretty much finished everything we could on the front fence at the homestead on Saturday.  There were two patches of poison ivy that we couldn't just hack away, so we cleared everything we could and then busted out the sprayer to poison that horrible stuff.   Now we really, really need a chainsaw.  There are so many trees that died this year.  But because of where a big group of them died, once they're cleared out we'll have a really good homesite.  And we need to hook up with someone that wants to cut, chop and haul off some firewood - no sense letting that go to waste.  Somebody we know (or will soon) can use that.

We want SO badly to live out there permanently.  There are so many options that it's overwhelming to figure out how to go about that!  The easiest and fastest solution would be to buy a manufactured house and we're done.  Then we start focusing on barns, chicken coops, greenhouses, etc.  But my wonderful hubby would rather not go that route for a permanent house.  He would really like to build our own.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to do that too.  And I have no doubt whatsoever that we can do that.  We would enjoy the hard work and find intense satisfaction in making that happen - no matter how long it took.  But it becomes really tricky trying to figure out temporary housing in order to be out there and able to work on a permanent house and paying for it all.  What to do, what to do.

Still no water.  I know they've had lots of water line breaks to repair because of the intense drought conditions.  And obviously those must take priority.  But come on guys.  We really, really want/need access to water.  And we didn't just hand you thousands of dollars for nothing!

We may have a new family member soon!  I hate to get my hopes up too much...

Yes that's right, we're trying to bring home a kitten.  She lives out at the warehouse where hubby works.  There's four or more kitties that someone just dumped out there.  The guys in the warehouse pitch in and buy food for them.  They're even going in together to try and take them in to get fixed so they don't just keep creating more feral cats.  The one we want to bring home (we'd take them ALL if we could) is an itty bitty tiny thing.  She is probably the runt, like our dear sweet Sassy was, who passed at age 14 back in February.  Hubby sent me a picture of little Sweet Pea (not her permanent name) and I was head over heels in love!  Hopefully on Friday it will all work out.  It will be chaos for a little while in our house.  Hope spoiled rotten Gracie isn't too horrible!!!!  (Please, please, please)  She was a little kitten needing a home once upon a time.  And at least she started out in a house, not getting dumped at a warehouse and fending for herself until some ultra wonderful guys started trying to help take care of her and her friends.  Please, please, please Gracie Lyn, be sweet.  The dogs won't be a problem at all.  They'll just want to schnoz her for sure and make sure she's okay.  And little Pea will probably be scared to death of big dogs until she realizes they're big marshmallows.   I'll keep you posted on that situation.  Wish us luck!

Worm herd is expanding in fine fashion.  My goodness we are awesome worm parents!   J

Until next time...worms still rule (and so do kittens needing homes!).

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