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Monday, October 31, 2011

Full day of work

Well the weather finally allowed us to work a full day without crumpling from heat exhaustion.  We  worked cutting down dead trees most of the day Saturday.  Here are a few pics of our progress:

This is the area we will most likely put a house.  Lots of dead trees, which is VERY unfortunate.  But by clearing them out, we will have a really nice homesite.

Dead tree before - I'm at the end of that rope, ready to encourage the tree to fall the direction we want it to:
Dead tree after - now we need a stump grinder...

After all that tree felling, I mowed down some weeds in the pasture because we're putting out some seed oats to hopefully grow over the winter and start a food plot for the deer.  We weren't out there early enough to see them moving on Saturday, but last weekend, we got there before sunrise and saw them moving across our pasture behind the tank (pond for any non-Texans) dam in the faint morning light (you had to really be looking for the movement).  There were half a dozen of them that took their time crossing our land.  It's been such a tough year for wildlife.  No water and no food.

Pasture before:

And pasture after (now this job did me in for the day - it was pretty warm and even though I had sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat on and drank lots of fluids, I started to overheat; good thing this was at the end of the day):

On Sunday, we did our part for the local economy and I got some coveralls and a pair of boots for working on the homestead!  Now that I've got the proper attire, watch out...I'll really be kicking some ranch work butt now.  :)

We enjoy being out there so much.  We even made a detour on the way home on Thursday, just to walk around a little and enjoy the peace and quiet and the setting sun. We feel so at home there.  Almost from the first time we saw this place it felt like home.  Once we walked the property the first time, we felt as though we belonged and could both totally visualize what it would become with us as it's stewards.  It seemed as though the decks were stacked against us, but in the end, we are so very, very fortunate to be allowed the privilege of becoming a part of this land.  My wonderful hubby likes to say that the health of a land is in direct proportion to the number of the owner's footsteps upon it.

Back at what is now termed the "temporary house", the little garden that could is chugging along.  I picked our very first tomato yesterday!  And some banana peppers and two zucchini.  There are some jalapenos getting close and several purple bell peppers.  I'm not sure how big those bell peppers are supposed to get, so I don't quite know when to pick them.

Aren't those just lovely? 

Well, I guess that's all for now.  I cannot believe that November starts tomorrow.  That means we're three weeks from Thanksgiving and less than two months from Christmas!  Holy cow!

Until next time...worms rule and bees are cool.

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