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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Furry funny farm

We have the craziest herd of furry kids on the planet!  Kind of like the chicken and the egg debate, we cannot decide if our furry kids come to us a little crazy and that's why they ended up with us, or if they become crazy after they've lived with us.  J

Ellie, the TOTAL middle child (like, I swear, she stole someone's birth order book and took it to heart!), has developed a new habit of taking a toy to bed with her every night.  Once we caught on to this new habit, of course we encourage it!  It's sweet and cute.  We recently got some new toys that are about the size of puppies and they really seem to like them.  I asked my wonderful hubby last night if he thought she was being a predator, bringing a "kill" to bed or if she was being maternal and nurturing.  Without hesitation, he said she was being maternal.  This girl had to survive on her own on the streets for a time before we adopted her.  She was not malnourished when we got her, so I have no doubt that she can hunt and fend for herself. 

But Ellie's also the most gentle and patient with her little sister, Gracie the cat that thinks she's a big dog.  Not that Maggie isn't gentle and patient...in any OTHER situation.  But when Gracie comes along and just rubs up against her, as cats are wont to do, Maggie shoots up and across the room, like the big bad eight pound kitty (she does think she's a big dog) is gonna put the hurt on a 75 pound dog.

We've also been finding a pile of toys at the back door every evening when we get home.  That's new, over that last couple of weeks.  What's that all about?

Then there's the shredded magazines when we get home - that's a very old habit.  If you leave an advertising flyer out or a magazine, it's guaranteed to be shredded when we get home.  Before we got Ellie, Maggie had a penchant for eating the covers (only the covers) of books left out.  She then graduated to magazines when we got smart and put all the books up before we leave.  Oh how I would love to install a nanny cam and watch what transpires when we're away.  I'd really like to see how that all plays out.  And make sure it's Maggie even.  She gets blames because of her priors...but who knows who the perp really is...

Gracie loves to "share" mama's pillows.  And I SWEAR to you that she started that the same day I shared a cartoon from Mutts with my hubby where the cat slept on the dad's head.   I accused him of showing her that cartoon!  If she's not there, she's spooning with me...except, like sleeping with any child, she has the tendency to turn crossways rather than laying vertical in line with everyone else.  I told my husband we need a king size bed now just to fit one cat in with us.

In a blast from the past, Gracie jumped up and into one of the bathroom sinks while I was getting ready for work yesterday morning.  She used to lay in them all the time when we lived in Colorado.  Thank goodness there were two sinks so that we still had a functioning one.  In the apartment we were in here, we had a nice sized counter, but only one sink, so she had to adapt to lounging on the counter.  Now we have very little counter, but two sinks again.  She didn't do it again this morning, so we'll see.  She does have to be in the bathroom lying on one of the rugs every morning while we're getting ready for work.  And the dogs all pile up in right outside the bathroom door.

See why I say worms make such wonderful pets?!  They don't hog the bed; they do shred newspaper, but only the stuff we give them; they don't have to go for walks; they're SUPER quiet (although our snow dogs are pretty darn quiet dogs); they don't shed; they don't have to be brushed; and they eat our garbage, not $45/bag food.   There was a great article in Texas Gardener about vermicomposting.  The guy referred to himself as a "worm rancher" because it had a great "Texas" ring to it.  We really like that!  After all, we've always referred to our worms as "The Herd".  We refer to all our kids like that.

I can only imagine what our future chicken are going to act like! 

And OH!  Exciting news - for us anyway!  We advanced ordered our first hive of bees.  They'll be here in April.  That gives us plenty of time to keep attending the Williamson County Beekeepers Association meetings to learn all we can and get our equipment lined up.  Good thing we have Bee Hollow all cleared out at the Homestead.   Before we know it, we'll have a Bee Herd too.  We've been looking at designs for our hive.  Hubby's going to build it of course.  Maybe we can add those to our line of fabulous worm condos.

Here's our crazy cast of characters:




Until next time, our kids are nuts (but we wouldn't have it any other way) and worms still rule.

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  1. Awwwww. Your fur babies are adorable! And they sound like such a fun and sweet crew. I can't imagine a home without fur babies in it.

    Yay for getting bees! I think you're going to love them.What type did you order? We've only had Russians, and we love them. We have such hard winters here, and Russians are fairly hardy in this climate.

  2. Penny, we're getting Minnesota hygienic Italian...it's all Greek to us at this point. But we've been reading a lot and look forward to what we can learn from the beekeeper meetings between now and then. We have a cousin that got bees a couple of years ago, so we ask him lots of questions. We also have an aunt that's getting them the same time we are and we're going to learn together - a real family affair!