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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone too quickly!  Sure enjoyed seeing family members we hardly ever get to see.  And enjoyed the four days off.  Didn't get to spend as much time at our homestead as we would have liked.   Everyone was supposed to come see it on Saturday, but it rained pretty good - not that ANYONE is going to complain about that!   So my wonderful hubby and I went to Academy and bought some rubber boots and went trudging around in our mud.  tee hee hee

We discovered that we finally have some oats coming up in heres and theres.

We also discovered that we have some water in our little tank!

It's been very interesting and educational to see how the water flows on our land after the rains.  In fact, as a result of really studying it, we may have completely changed our minds about where we want to put our house.  Now we're looking at locating it a little further back on our property.  It's actually the highest point and has no drainage issues.  Because of the way the land falls away from there, the house wouldn't be completely exposed to the road either...and we do value our privacy.  It does put us on the back side of the neighbors farm infrastructure - barns, animals pens, etc.  However, we think if we orient the house a little towards the Southeast 1) our view from our front porch will be of the nothing but the pecan orchard across the road, 2) we'll be lined up to see beautiful sunrises from the front porch and sunsets from the back porch, 3) we can build on a carport and garage/shop at the west end of the house that will provide further screening for us and our neighbors and 4) we could feel a noticeable difference in the amount (much less) of the cold north winds that hit us in that location because of the solid line of trees at the back of our property.  We will need to plant some clusters of trees near the fence that will create shade for the west side of the house so that it's not constantly exposed to the hot Texas afternoon summer sun.  A covered back porch will help shade the back side of the house also.  Planting large trees along the fence will provide valuable shading while also keeping a defensible space between us and the trees in a wildfire event.  In adding the carport and garage and porches, we will have a covered space to get all the way from the cars to the house without being exposed to any weather. 

We also think this new location will allow us to someday locate the garden, greenhouses, barn and chicken coop where they are convenient to the house, away from the power lines, out of areas that may have drainage issues, but not right up next to the house.  Well, that's the plan anyway...  J

And...if we really want to move out there when our lease is up, we have got to get. on. the. ball.    We really only have about four more months to get everything lined up and in place and functioning to make that happen.  Yowza!!

As we tromped around the perimeter of the property, we stop and talk to the pecan trees.  We ask them how they're doing and thank them for letting us share their land...for they have been there MUCH longer than we ever will be.  Some may find that odd.  We don't care.  We feel so peaceful and at home there.  We truly value the land and have vowed to be excellent stewards of it.

I think my brain and eyes function as a camera view finder sometimes, because I always see my surroundings framed in potential pictures.  Our camera is dead, so hubby took this one with his phone, but I really would love to see what I could capture with a camera.  I love the colors and textures that all combine here with the fall leaves on the ground in yellow, brown and green and the new grass springing up.

Well, we're supposed to get more rain this weekend.  Yee Haw!!  We'll take it.  Don't know if we'll be able to get much done out on our little slice of heaven.  We'll probably start trying to measure out and stake our future dwellings.  And if nothing else, we probably need to crack the whip on ourselves to get busy on our Christmas gifts.  With Thanksgiving just a memory now, we've only got three more full weeks to get everything accomplished.  YIKES!

Until next time, bees rock and worms still rule.

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  1. Wow - wouldn't it be great to get to your homestead in four months??? Very exciting! A little stressful too, I'm sure. But it's really wonderful reading about your property and seeing your joy through your words.

    Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.