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Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Fancy

I'm starting something new on my blog.  I've seen several blogs that have Wordless Wednesdays with just pictures.  I'm going to try a "Friday Fancy" and post my favorite shots...maybe from the last week, maybe older.  It will probably not be completely "wordless" as I may have captions.  But you get my drift.  :D

We planted this geranium in memory of our dear Sassy right after she passed in February 2011.  It survived the winter and came back strong this spring, blooming for the first time this year on our 7th anniversary!!  Thank you Sassy girl, we miss you too!!!!

Corn progress!

Pie pumpkin

Beautiful pumpkin is growing every day - just don't remember which variety this is.  I LOVE pumpkins!!!

Our baby boy!

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