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Monday, June 18, 2012

Fences and yogurt

Missed Friday’s Fancy because I was sick.  L   But I’m better now.  And never fear, I’ll include a few pics here.  J

I feel like we had a pretty industrious weekend.  We got our backyard fence started!  Yay!  It’s going to take a while. The ground is super hard right now…oh if we could get some rain.  It’s been hotter than blazes, but not as bad as last year, we have to keep reminding ourselves!  Anyway, I digress - back to the fence.  So the first 8 ft. section is up.  We made a modification to the design as we started working on it this weekend.  Instead of a two rail, it’s going to be a three rail, because it’s also going to be 6 ft. tall (another modification).  We found this great roll of fence at the Tractor Supply Store last year that was 5 ft. tall (needed it in the back yard of the rental house because there was only a three ft. tall split rail between our furry babies and a nasty, very dog-aggressive Rottweiler next door).  It was great.  Taller than 4 ft., but not extra tall 6 ft.  Well, we can’t find 5 ft. tall fence to save our lives now!  So, we’d rather go taller than shorter because deer and our darling puppy when he’s full grown will be able to clear a 4 ft. fence EASILY.  And a 6 ft. fence is really better around the garden and orchard.  And that’s the master plan: eventually the backyard, front yard, garden, chicken/duck runs and orchard will all be fenced and connected with gates. 
We’re using treated 4x4 posts and treated 2x4 rails with wire fencing.  The wood will all be stained cedar for color and as a protective sealant. 

Here’s a pic of our first 8 ft. section (minus the fencing yet) and post for the first gate.

Here’s an example of what it will basically look like.

It was so hot out this weekend, it made it difficult to work outside for too long a period.  We’re hoping to find a 5 in. auger that we can use on our neighbors’ tractor to dig the holes in the near future.  They have an auger now, but it’s a large one…too big for 4x4 posts.  It would be good to have the smaller one around, then either one of us will have it available in the future.
On Saturday, I also made my first ever yogurt start from an awesome starter called Viili.  I learned about it from Cousin Jammie – thanks Jammes!  I ordered it from Cultures for Health (www.culturesforhealth.com).  Great website – lots of really cool info!  This yogurt culture is super cool because it’s mesophilic – meaning it thrives at room temperature instead of needed constant heat.   And you can use your current batch to yogurt to create the next indefinitely with a little care.  So on Sunday, I made my first batch of homemade yogurt.  I only sampled a little taste before I put it in the refrigerator last night before bedtime.  But it was smooth and creamy and mild.  Homemade mozzarella on tap soon - mozzarella/ricotta kit arrived just this morning from http://www.cheesemaking.com/. This is going to be awesome!

I’ve been making smoothies every night and putting them in the freezer for the next work day.  (Why didn't I ever think of putting them in the freezer before?!)  I started getting hungry mid-morning which usually led to me eating junk and/or candy to tide me over til lunch.  So now I’m making a smoothie with frozen and fresh fruit, yogurt, a little milk, a touch of honey, protein powder and some ground flax.  If I took them out of my insulated lunch bag, they would probably be thawed and drinkable by mid-morning.  But I kind of like eating them with a spoon like a fruity ice cream treat.  J  Plus, they take me longer to eat, so it really fills me up.  Now I’ll be able to use my homemade yogurt!
On tap this week – we’re hoping to make a little progress on the fence each day…it may be only getting one hole dug or a post set or rails installed, but something.  And next weekend we have GOT to get our first batch of verde enchilada sauce made from our tomatillos and can some diced tomatoes!

Isn’t this one of the prettiest tomatoes you’ve ever seen?!

 Until next time, worms rock.
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  1. Not looking forward to the heatwave headed our way later this week! SO hard to get anything done outside when it's up that high. But you're right, it was a lot worse last year, so we're thankful it's stayed this nice for this long.

    Your tomato is GORGEOUS! I'm dyyyyying waiting for ours to ripen! Can't hardly wait much longer for that first, juicy bite!