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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Furry Kids Have Turned On Us! (aka Our Life With a Four Ring Circus)

It seems that our entire house full of furry kids has turned on us!  For a long time, we have had a great debate going on in our house…did our pets end up with us because they’re totally weird?  Or do they become weirdos after they come live with us?   HA! 

So it’s bad enough living with a puppy…it really is like having a baby in the house.  At this particular time, it’s a darn good thing he’s so cute…

We spend tons of time taking him outside to “do his business”.  And some days, no matter how long you spend outside, he won’t go potty outside, but saves it until you get back into the nice air conditioned house.  Thanks mom and dad. ARGH! 

So last night, we got home from work and the pup had mischievously thoughtfully unloaded half of the clean clothes from the laundry basket and spread them around the living room (that was a brand new trick).  He’s also been destroying redecorating other things for us.  We have discovered that in rough-housing with the “middle child” Ellie, he runs, does a flying burrito through the air, launching himself onto the back of the couch and eats lets more light in through the mini blinds.  (We have witnessed this feat first hand on the weekends.) Oh, and did I mention that to get a drink, he dunks his whole face into the water bowl and slops redistributes the water - all over the floors (and our legs, shoes or the furniture, especially right where you're going to sit down, just nano seconds before you do)?  Or that that a corner of our coffee table is no longer with us? 

After three days in a row of rain, we spent yesterday evening trying to set the two corner posts on the backyard fence and get the next post holes started – the ground is wet and therefore much softer than it’s been in months.  Even though the temperature is a couple of degrees cooler than it has been it was still in the upper 80s and the humidity about 80% or more.  Hot, tired, muddy and soaking with sweat from setting the posts, working in the garden and running a puppy that hadn’t run in three days because of the weather, we were ready to finally go inside and have some dinner and sit down for the first time.  Except in the course of rough-housing while we worked, the crazy inmates inside puppy must have jumped on the back sliding glass door and hit the latch – because it was LOCKED!

I’ve gotta tell you, there was a moment of panic when we first realized what had happened!  Luckily, we had the other back door and storm door unlocked and I also had the keys to the sliding glass door in the fanny pack I just happened to have on (I stuck all the sets of keys in that pocket when the house was first delivered and never took them out).  Our windows are double storm windows that can’t be unlocked from outside – we would have had to break two windows to get in.  Guess we need to hurry up and give an extra set of keys to the neighbors like we’ve been planning to do since we moved in.  Ya think?

Of course, all the furry children had been fed long before we finally got to eat.  And naturally, half way through my salad, the puppy needed to go out.  Since potty training has been a slow, painful process, when he goes to the back door (his signal that he needs to go out), we need to respond immediately.  So I set my salad down in the middle of the coffee table and went to let him out.  My husband did the same and came to the back door for moral support.  Mind you, it’s already after nine o’clock by now.  We usually try to start winding down and get to bed by 9:30. 

Now some might think that setting our food on the coffee table was a dangerous move with the other two dogs still in the house.  But you’d have to know our dogs…we have rules, boundaries and limitations in our house.  We have expectations and they meet them.  Really!  We always eat dinner on our couch; we never use the dining table.  And our dogs don’t bug us or stare or try to get in our plates.  If they walk anywhere near, we simply say “go lay down” and they DO. 

So imagine our surprise when we walked back in the door to find the “eldest child” Maggie, who always follows the rules, face-planted in what was left of my salad, not to mention the pile of it spit out on the floor.  So much for finishing my dinner.  There’s just no way to explain how out of character that was.  I finally settled on a half of an almond butter and jam sandwich as a replacement.

Well, by the time I finished my sandwich and hubby finished his salad (which thankfully survived without attack), it was 9:45.  I realized I was out of coffee creamer for the next morning.  So I whipped that together quickly.  And then I remembered that I hadn’t made my smoothie for the next day either.  I didn’t make one the night before and was starving by mid-morning and reluctantly got a breakfast taco from the cafeteria before I started plowing through the entire chocolate stash in my desk drawer.  So I really needed to make my smoothie.  What the heck, we’re already 30 minutes late going to bed - party night on the homestead. 

Finally, after 10:00, we headed to our room to get ready for bed.  Twenty minutes later (and almost an hour late), we’re finally climbing into bed (and I have to read for a while – I have never been able to just lie down and go to sleep).  Hubby sits on the edge of the bed and starts to adjust his pillows, and his hand hits something wet.  Wait a minute, wet and our bed do NOT go together.  Well, it seems that the cat yakked on our bed.  Are you kidding me?  So now we have to change the sheets and of course the mattress pad is gross too – but it thankfully kept the mattress safe and clean.

We just started laughing, almost hysterically, at the comedy of errors that is our life with our furry kids, especially yesterday.  Never a dull moment on this homestead!

Until next time, worms rock.

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  1. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the craziness of life with fur babies! It's a good thing you have a wonderful sense of humor. I can just imagine how your heart sank when you realized the pups had locked you out - good think you had another set of keys! Hang in there and keep smiling :)